Moto Pegs

Introducing the all new Ryno Equipment Moto Pegs! A revolutionary motocross trainer allowing you to get a full body workout at the first point of contact from body to bike (hands and feet). Our Moto Pegs directly correlates to riding and will greatly improve strength and control on the bike!


Most off bike training at the gym is done on a solid surface or flat footed so you never really coordinate and strengthen your feet or ankles. Our Moto Pegs combine an unstable surface with working on the balls of your feet creating an extremely dynamic workout allowing you to strengthen and become more efficient with your bodies foundation. This will help with imbalances in the body and prevent injuries in the future. Then just by sliding the handlebar/mount into the foot pegs you are able to work the upper body in a functional position and unstable surface. This will help build grip strength and strengthen your stabilizer muscles and core. When combining the foot pegs and handlebar you will have a dynamic, full body workout that you can do anywhere, anytime!

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Foot Pegs

This all new revolutionary Foot Peg Trainer allows you to focus on your body's feet, the foundation of all athletic movement.  Your feet have a combination of more than 200 ligaments & tendons, plus a 1/4 of the bones in the body, all of which are critical for transferring energy from your legs to the ground.

  Our Foot Peg Trainer forces you to train on the balls of your feet while simultaneously moving on an uneven surface, making the Foot Peg Trainer an industry first. The Foot Peg Trainer creates an extremely dynamic workout allowing you to strengthen your feet and become more efficient with your bodies foundation. This will help with imbalances in the body, making you more athletic, stronger, and safer in the future.

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The World's First True Motocross Trainer.



We believe in teaching the rider a technique and position where the body is at its strongest, most stable and balanced position on the motorcycle. With the Ryno Equipment Spring Bike Technique Trainer, you can learn this proper technique and body positiioning while training, all in the

comfort of your home or gym. 

Our trainer opens the door to so many possibilities in bettering your riding, your racing career and even helps with rehabilitating the body for MX after an injury.

Patent No. US 2017/0128773 A1



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Finest Materials

  • 6061 Aluminum TIG Welded Base

  • Billet 6061 Aluminum Bike Mounting Plate

  • Heat Treated Hold Down Clamps



The Spring Bike can be used for a variety of training options including training, working on technique, rehabilitation, functional movements and warm ups. 

Innovative Equipment

IThe first true motocross training equipment that can be used for training and rehabilitation

Easy To Use

Once the initial installment is done, the bike is assembled to stand and removed in under 5 minutes 

Supreme Quality

  • Specially Designed 1200lb Limited Straps

  • Specially Designed Custom Spring

  • All Made in USA


Rigid Construction

What is billet aluminum? A solid block of aluminum with a high degree of precision that makes the product structurally stronger than casting. 


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Innovation Through Technique. 

Our mission is to provide tools to our athletes that will teach them to be the in best, safest, most balanced and coordinated 

position they can be through proper technique.


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Why Ryno Equipment's Technique Trainers? 

At Ryno Power Equipment, we offer workout equipment that is specifically made and designed for motocross and soon-any

two-wheeled sports. I have worked on this project to help the riders become safer themselves.


The equipment we are bringing out for the sport will help riders train and become safer by teaching and strengthening the rider in the strongest, most stable, coordinated, and efficient riding position. Riders will be able to train without the consequence of trying a new position on a track that has jumps, ruts, bumps, whoops, etc.


For most riders, it’s really hard to change their ways because they’re only able to ride 1-2 times per week. With the Ryno Equipment Technique Trainer, you will be able to work on your position, stance and technique every day without the many consequences you would otherwise face at the track.


Our device is bolted to your garage/ gym floor and can be used for technique training, rehab from injury, functional warm-up at races, fitness training, and muscle memory training.


There has never been anything in motocross that you can train on away from the track using the same bike you ride and race until now. Ryno Equipment is the next piece of innovative training equipment all riders can benefit from using to better their MX skills, fitness and technique.


-Ryan “Ryno” Hughes