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How we started


Ryno Equipment started with a thought and idea over 10 years ago while on a motocross trip in Australia. Ryan had an amazing idea to create and invent a motocross training tool unike the world has ever seen. He came home and had a prototype built from a tractor hub and a spring, and the rest is history.

After years of product development and engineering, the spring bike as you see it today, was born. We are proud of the innovation behind our products and the great minds that got us there today.  

Made in the USA. 

Why Ryno Equipment?


Ryno Equipment stands for nothing but the best. Our quality, construction, materials and engineering of our products is top-notch. All equipment has been tried and tested for years before production to ensure you the best, well thought out equipment. We stand behind our products and we know

your fitness will excel because of that. 

Patents pending. 



“When I first saw the spring bike technique trainer, I remember thinking it was going to be so fun! Once I started doing the training with Ryan on the bike, I quickly figured out it was a lot harder than it looked. We are talking a serious core workout here.”


“When I first saw the trainer I was skeptical, but once I got on it I was shocked how strong it felt and me being the kid that I am, I had a blast on it playing around in different riding positions and movements. This has helped me a lot coming back from an injury because I can use the same muscles, in the same movements as when I ride on the track but in the comfort of my own home as I wait for the doctor to give me the green light. A must get for all riders!” -Adam Cianciarulo


“Being one of the veteran riders now, you have to worry about coming back as fast as y ou left after an injury. Being able to get on the motorcycle everyday without the worry of falling off or hurting my wrist was such a help for my comeback. I also was able to work on and improve my technique while I healed and that was the biggest value out of it. This will help every rider in many areas of racing.”

-Broc Tickle

Meet The Team

Ryan Hughes

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Ryan "Ryno" Hughes earned his reputation as one of the world’s best motocrossers during his 28 years racing professionally and is a well-known figure in the motocross world. He’s a former AMA factory rider with multiple AMA Motocross and 125cc supercross wins, a winner and three time member of the Motocross Des Nations teams, a Grand Prix racer, off-roader, and

Jennifer Hughes

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Jennifer has been working in the health and fitness industry alongside Ryan for over 10 years. She's a Certified Health Coach, a Certified Food Literacy Educator and personal trainer. Jennifer has over 20 years of dietary and fitness experience under her belt. 

Eric Senk

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Eric Senk has worked with ryan and the Ryno Institute for over 5 years now. Eric started as a pro athlete in training with ryan and has since worked with ryan teaching schools all over the world, as well as working with riders at the track and in the gym. Eric is a certified holistic lifestyle coach and trainer for the ryno institute. 

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