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With all the talk and concern about safety in motocross, we at Ryno Equipment USA believe the best way to promote and help with the issue is by teaching the rider a technique and position where the body is at its strongest, most stable and balanced position on the motorcycle. It doesn’t matter the type of track, your motorcycle or safety equipment you have on if your technique and understanding isn't up to par with the complexity and danger of motocross. We have no control over the track, bikes or safety equipment and to make true changes in those will take years, so knowing this; we came up with a way to start making an instantaneous change and that is through the rider and his technique.


Ryan Hughes and Eric Senk have done many schools around the world and witnessed the lack of information and understanding in the sport. The dangers are the same for the beginner and the pro, but the fact of the matter is; the best riders in the world have less crashes, injures and death because they are masters of what they do. The pros have put in many years of riding to perfect their technique, understanding and approach to their craft, allowing them to be able to do what they do with such control and grace.


The idea behind our technique trainer it to be able to work on a new riding technique without the consequences, unlike when you are on the track having to navigate ruts, bumps, jumps, riders and yourself. It is very difficult to teach someone something new or different than what they have programmed themselves to do when there is danger involved.


Muscle memory is of utmost importance when you ride your motorcycle. This is part of what the technique trainer can provide. You want your reactions and actions to be instinctual and to come from your intuition; not from a thought of what I have to do or should do.  Motocross is about a “feel”, not a thought and that is why the pros can ride as fast as they do and get away with making huge mistakes. The pros trust that “feel” from years and years of work, starting off and ending up in a good position from there technique.


There is no way to take all the risk out of motocross but we can certainly make a big difference in that risk by starting with you. Make yourself a better, safer rider and in turn- you make the sport safer. Your technique is the safest approach and the first and most important point to being safe in motocross. Master this first, and then consistent and safe speed will follow.





BIKE STAND - This device can be used for a bike stand, only four bolts and the clamps and the bike will not move while you are working on the it. You also have the luxury of being able to move the bike into different positions to get to hard to reach places, and it easier for those people with bad backs to work on the bike.


FUNCTIONAL WARM UP - When doing a sport as dynamic as motocross, you want to make sure you warm up on something that is going to mimic what you are doing. This helps to coordinate and balance the body through the nervous system which controls the muscular system. How many sports sport in this world warm up doing a different activity than what they are doing? When you warm up on devices that are different than the activity or have the wrong body position, you actually slow the body down or coordinate a wrong movement pattern before you ride. This ups the risk of major injury. With this device you can warm up 30min before your race on the exact bike you will be racing on. How’s that for muscle memory?


FITNESS TRAINING - There is not one device out there you can train on that mimics riding a motorcycle. So how can you get your body to be strong and stable in the exact positions and movement patterns that motocross is asking of it? With our technique trainer you can train the body in many different areas and movement patterns using weights or no weights, and just think, your training and getting stronger on the exact bike you race or ride. Muscle memory!


TIME RESTRICTIONS - There are many riders that work all week and have no time to ride except on the weekend but when the weekend comes and they ride, it takes half the day to get in the groove. They get arm pump and tired because they don't get to ride much, which makes riding frustrating. Or, maybe you live in a place that has long winters so you have to take months off of riding and when you do come back to riding, you are rusty and your feel is gone. Just think how much better it would be if you could do a 20-minute workout, three times a week on the exact bike you ride? Muscle memory!


INJURY REHAB - In this sport there are many injuries from big to small but they all can keep you off your bike for some time causing you to lose your bike fitness and feel. Most riders are always trying to push the limits when they are injured to hasten their return, so this device is a way to check if that injury is healed enough to ride because you are using the same muscles, joints and movement patterns that you would when riding real time. Just think if you could rehab on the exact bike you ride or race.  Muscle memory!


To be good at anything it takes constant repetition for muscle memory to take over the thought of what to do. Muscle memory is instinct, intuition and a feel and that's exactly what our technique trainer allows and helps you to gain. 


Patent No. US 2017/0128773 A1

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