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This is the first of its kind trainer that allows you to focus and improve the foundation of your body. Your feet are the first point of contact from body to ground and yet they are the most neglected part of the body while training. With our Foot Peg Trainer you can now workout in a functional position, on an unstable surface to better your strength, stability, balance and coordination. 


Most gym training is done on a solid surface or flat footed so you never really coordinate and strengthen your feet or ankles. Our Foot Peg Trainer combines an unstable surface with working on the balls of your feet, creating a very dynamic workout allowing you to strengthen and become more efficient with your bodies foundation. This will help with imbalances in the body and prevent injuries in the future. 





   *Please allow 10-15 days before shipping for processing and assembly

Foot Pegs

  • We recommend the "Heavy" spring to riders at the weight of 150lbs and above.

    We recommend the "Light" spring to riders at the weight of 150lbs and under. The "Light" springs also acts as an advanced spring for riders over the weight of 150lbs with good balance.

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